The reduction of Bitcoin from the historical point of view has been an important limitation for miners. Every time this happens, many more people focused on this business abandon their mining activities due to their instability. On the other hand, under this same concept, those who have already established winning figures will be able to increase their profits later.

The value of Bitcoin in 2012 was only $ 11, and after the reduction, it went up considerably. A year after this, the coin was worth $ 1,100, which left many millionaires. This is because the reduction tends to limit the supply of the currency in the market, causing it to increase.
For many, what is about to happen in 2020 is a true catastrophe that will limit mining activities. Meanwhile, others are eagerly awaiting the bitcoin halving to occur to make money quickly. The gain of this currency will be reflected in large investors, while others only observe this with pain.
Cryptocurrencies are very unstable, perhaps this could cause losses instead of profits, as future mining is limited. In bitcoin halving 2020, many plan to make money by making use of strategies. It has been valued that in the face of the economic crises that the world is going through at the moment, the best investment alone is Cryptocurrencies.
With the bitcoin halving, the value per coin is expected to be $ 100,000. This, of course, is the market predictions of the most optimistic experts who place their hopes on the reductions. On the other hand, catastrophically, it is thought that if mining is not profitable, this will end the value.
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